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    Where is Cloud Records, LLC Located?

    Cloud Records, LLC is located in the Greater Northeast Region of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

    How can I find out more about artists on the Cloud Records Music Roster?

    For the latest artist information, please visit our website that has the most current social media information about your favorite artists and bands. For additional updates, you can also follow the Cloud Records, LLC Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

    How do I submit a demo to Cloud Records, LLC?

    Demo submissions should be directed to Cloud Records, LLC label, but note that we are unable to accept any unsolicited material. Please be aware: Cloud Records, LLC employees will NEVER request anything of value in exchange for submitting music or securing a contract with our labels, or for your participation in any other activities in which Cloud Records is engaged. Such action is directly contrary to Cloud Record’s Code of Conduct. If anyone claiming to be affiliated with Cloud Records, LLC fraudulently demands money from you to submit a demo, or as a purported “contract fee” or to defray “travel costs,” please be aware that this is a scam. You can report these individuals to us here.

    I found your music being distributed or sold illegally on another website or service. How can I report this?

    If you see an example of Cloud Records, LLC being illegally distributed, please feel free to contact us here.

    I’m a member of the media, how can I contact someone in your communication department

    Please contact us via email at and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate contact.