Letter From CEO

Letter From CEO


Dear Colleagues,


Music is a universal aspect of human existence. Every culture throughout history has created music, and that musical heritage has become an inseparable part of who we are as individuals and as a community. As a company, Cloud Records is built by people that harvest a higher level of consciousness about humanity, our environment, and our place and contribution to the world. As such, we are accountable for the decisions we make and how we conduct ourselves. This code of conduct explains what is expected of each one of us, so that we may earn and maintain the confidence respect, and trust of our artists, business partners, fans, and stakeholders.


At Cloud Records, LLC, we believe that ethical conduct requires more than simply complying with the laws, rules, and regulations that govern our business. We are a company that values teamwork, sets team goals, assumes collective accountability for actions, embraces diversity, and share leadership. We are committed to excellence and pursue superior performance in every activity. However, it is the personal integrity of each of us and our commitment to the highest personal and professional conduct that underlie the ethical culture of Cloud Records.


Please read and familiarize yourself with its contents, because it should answer many of your initial and ongoing questions about your employment and partnership with Cloud Records. Our growth and continued success depend on us meeting and exceeding the standards set out in the Code every day.


Thank you,


Maurine McFarlane
Chief Executive Officer